Weltmaschine Release Trip Day #6


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This is an improvised sketch from the EP Stille. recorded at Christmas night in 2019.

Log Book

In the night of Christmas 2019, I recorded a bunch of improvised sketches on piano which I released as an EP.
One of those sketches is basically just a repeating crescendo of two layered odd-number loops – a 5/8 motif with an ascending 7-note bass line.

When I was listening to the recordings in order to find song titles, I instantly had the picture of CERN in my mind for this one – the Large Hadron Collider they build in Switzerland where they are firing electrons through an enormously big tube circle under the earth and accelerate them to immense speed and let them collide in order to find the smallest particles and research on neutrinos, anti-matter and some kind of „god-particle“.
I could see this large machine coming up to speed and some mad professor with his laboratory staff and technicians full of hope and excitement – all at the leap between science and spirituality. Then the experiment fails and the machine slowly comes to rest.

For the album I wanted to try and work out that idea into a larger piece and musically tell the story further, orchestrated with synthesizers and electromechanical instruments, instead of just the piano.

The first part is a synthesized version of the original idea from the EP, realized with the Roland Juno 60 for the right hand part of the piano piece and the Minimoog for the left hand part.

Then, as in the initial sketch, the attempt to find the god particle fails, the machine slows down again and instead of the artificial „Big Bang“, there is a different strike:
The realization that you cannot find the core of all truth by looking solely on the outside and in the realm of matter (which most science does).
The next attempt is the look on the inside and discovering the vastness of the spiritual realm. What could impersonate this better than Rhodes Piano?

The search on this opposite side of the polarity might be beautiful, but it also fails.
The third attempt is merging these poles to unity and finally the Big Bang is happening. Near the end of the piece, I tried to create a little reminiscence of the Shepard-Risset-Glissando at the end of Pink Floyd’s Echoes with the Minimoog’s Filter Resonance.

After the whole universe imploded because of the experiment, all that is left is the one consciousness that is within and beyond all being – represented by the Minimoog and a Mellotron choir.

After all this, the only actual rhythm instrument on the album is heard, a large Motherdrum and Gong, played together by all the musicians of my band Polis. This part – Der Anfang – was recorded on spring equinox and marks the fourth and last recording on the milestones of earth‘s travel around the sun.

Machine Room

Equipement used:

Roland Juno 60 + Roland RE-201 Space Echo + Eventide H3000 Reverb

Moog Minimoog Model D

Rhodes Stage mk I Electric Piano + DIY Custom Univibe pedal + Mesa/Boogie F30 amp + Vermona amp + EMT 244 Reverb

Hammond A102 + Leslie 145 + EMT 244 Reverb

Moog Taurus I

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

ARP Odyssey mk I „whiteface“

Rhodes Stage mk I Electric Piano + Moog MF104M Delay pedal + Mesa/Boogie F30 amp

GForce Software M-Tron Pro Mellotron Plugin

Audiothing miniBit 8-Bit Synthesiser Plugin

Mother Drum