After working on my first solo record for almost a whole year, it is finally finished. Weltmaschine will be released on 21.06.21 – the date of summer solstice, exactly 1 year after I started with the first recording.

Thank you for following along parts of the process or even the whole journey!

After spending a small fortune on recording and mixing at Nils Frahm’s Funkhaus studio and mastering the album at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and a financially tough year of literally no possibilities to play any concerts, I would appreciate any help in raising the funds for the actual pressing of the CDs and Vinyl. That’s why I start the presale of the album and some sattelite items now.

Besides my heartfelt gratitude, with every purchase you get a free digital download of the whole album, delivered to you inbox 2 weeks prior to the actual release.

Weltmaschine CD

15.00 €

Shipping 21.06.21

Weltmaschine Vinyl

22.00 €

Shipping est. 12.07.21

Box Mockup

Weltmaschine Vinyl Box Set [limited Art edition]

149.00 €

Box set, limited to 30 pieces (11/30 sold)

  • Vinyl record with handcrafted cover by the artist Eusepia Lehe: Each item of this edition is a unique piece of art.
  • 4 handcrafted darkroom prints (20x25cm) of photographs about the story of the album, made by Marius Leicht
  • CD

Shipping est. 12.07.21

Weltmaschine Shirt

20.00 €

Shipping 21.06.21

Weltmaschine Bag

10.00 €

Shipping 21.06.21

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