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Let's celebrate Equinox

It's the autumnal equinox today. Daytime and nighttime are exacly the same length and this date was as important as midsummer in many ancient cultures. The Celts for example called it Mabon and celebrated the „Son of light“, grateful for the harvest and everything nature gave them that year. It is the time of balance and harmony - light and darkness are equal. And the beginning of the season where nature turns outside in - and invites us humans to do the same and focus a little more on the spiritual realm of our being.

The album Weltmaschine was recorded throughout a whole year and the solstice and equinox dates are a constant theme on it. The starting point of the project was the first recording on summer solstice in 2020: The sound of the river Trieb. At autumn equinox, one year ago today, the shores of the meditaranean sea were recorded and on winter solstice and spring equinox, whole improvised performances found their way to the album.

Hear all these sounds and different mood qualities of these milestones the earth and sun create on their dance throughout the year on Weltmaschine.


Recorded on vintage synthesizers, electric pianos and Hammond Organ in Weltklang Tonstudio Plauen and with Nils Frahms Pianos and Mellotron in his studio in Funkhaus Berlin, this instrumental album brings you ambient moods, evocative improvisations and explosive moments alike. The songs were mixed in Funkhaus by Nils Frahms personal engineer Antonio Pulli and mastered in England by Mastering expert Tim Oliver of Peter Gabriels Real World Studios - all to bring out the best possible sound.

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