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The Limited Art Edition Box Set

As a special treat for collectors and supporters, I created this very limited Art Edition Box set with my Friends. Almost everything on it is handcrafted and it is a true labor of love. Only 30 boxes have been made and only 25 of these are for sale.

The cover of the vinyl record is not the regular machine printed cover of the serial edition. Instead, the artist Eusepia Lehe, who created the design, painted each of the 30 covers by hand. Every single cover is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Numbered and signed.

The linen structured collector's box, the set comes in, is screen printed by hand with gold color.

Included in the set are also 4 silver gelatine prints of photographs made by Marius Leicht during the recording process of the album. Made with an analog large format camera, developed and printed on premium photographic paper with the old analog process in the darkroom, signed and numbered - all by Marius Leicht.

It comes with a signed CD, as well as a handwritten personal note from Marius Leicht to you.

About the album

Recorded on vintage synthesizers, electric pianos and Hammond Organ in Weltklang Tonstudio Plauen and with Nils Frahms Pianos and Mellotron in his studio in Funkhaus Berlin, this instrumental album brings you ambient moods, evocative improvisations and explosive moments alike. The songs were mixed in Funkhaus by Nils Frahms personal engineer Antonio Pulli and mastered in England by Mastering expert Tim Oliver of Peter Gabriels Real World Studios - all to bring out the best possible sound.

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