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Let's get on a little space trip together.

The album Weltmaschine was recorded over the course of a whole year and while it was created, we all paced full circle around the sun together on this giant wet rock that is our home planet.

Let’s recap this trip and fly this route again with a virtual space ship. Discover the original mission from the start at summer solstice 2020 up until its completion at summer solstice 2021 in just 7 days.
While we are flying through the vastness of space at full throttle, you can watch the machine room and check out all the equipment, sneak into the dark room to see photographs taken along the way at the first mission around the sun and of course, hang out in the lounge and listen to the music captured during this adventure and read the logbook with the stories behind the songs.

Bring your space suits and helmets and don’t forget the headphones!

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