My debut solo album Weltmaschine is now available on Vinyl

A living synthesizer museum on a carpet

„When you connect with an instrument, no matter of what sort, there is an interaction that’s outside of what’s actually going through your fingers. I hesitate to use the word ‘spiritual’, but I’m absolutely sure that there is a consciousness that we connect with.“ (Bob Moog)

Imagine an orchestra. But the musicians are not human beings. They are not cold machines either. They are electronic and acoustic instruments, each with their own personality, individual history and emotional aura. There are analog synthesizers with Tibetan Mantras running through their circuits, electric pianos made of old parts from aircrafts that once crossed the oceans, other synthesizers that sneaked through the iron curtain back in the days of cold war Germany.

Conducting this illustrious orchestra is Marius Leicht, deeply connected to all the entities of this living and breathing museum of keyboard history. His compositions and improvisations are a slow-dance with the Now. Sometimes deeply meditative, sometimes rushing madly.

If you surrender to the void of the harmonic and rhythmic weavings, you will find yourself in a place beyond words, beyond mind and maybe even beyond time and space.