My debut solo album was recorded during a full year’s turn of the earth around the sun. I started recording at summer solstice 2020 and released it at summer solstice 2021. It not only features my whole museum of vintage synthesizers, electric pianos and Hammond organ, but also sounds and pieces recorded at all four solstice and equinox dates.
Furthermore, it features the sounds of Nils Frahms Pianos and Mellotron, which I recorded at his Funkhaus Studio in Berlin, where it was also mixed.

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Der Prophet
Der Schwarm
Die Reise der Örmimi


On Christmas eve in 2019, when family celebrations were over and everybody went to sleep, I felt the urge to sit in silence for a while and out of that state, come to the piano and improvise. Thanks to modern technology, which I sometimes tend to dismiss, I could do that with my headphones on and not disrupting the peaceful sleep of all the children in the house. So I played almost all night long, as I felt inspired with lots of different feelings to voice. Fortunately I hit the record button and so I can present to you this EP with a selection of six improvisations of that silent night.

Erik wandelt Schlaf
Kapilas Rad